The Belleview

The Belleview – Country Living in any Location

The Belleview

The Belleview is a house which can give you all of the features of a country home in a suburban location. This allows you to maintain a convenient style of living yet enjoy many of the benefits that such a home provides.

The intricate detailing above the support beams gives the design a truly rustic feel, creating the experience of entering this house almost transformative. The main entry features a charming door alongside a bay window making the first impression that of style and elegance. A one-storey design, the Belleview is, in fact, consummate for people of all ages and is sure to provide a lifestyle dream.

At Premier Homes and Granny Flats, we want you to live the life that you always desired, in a home you have always wanted, and not settled for. We have a wide range of designs, suitable for many different tastes and locations. All our floor plans are flexible; we can and will alter designs, handing you the reigns.

Belleview house

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