The Design Process

Step one: Drafting

Once an Offer to Purchase has been placed, a new file will be created and the final Site Inspection will be conducted. A full set of plans will be drawn up and we will be ready to proceed with the next stage.


Step two: Preparing the Contract

The file and plans will be referred to our Administration team for assessment. All required documents (soil report, bushfire rating, 6 star rating and connections quote) will be gathered. Our admin team will also liaise with council if Town Planning is triggered. The contract will be written up and prepared for client review.


Step three: Contract Day

A day will be assigned to review the contract in detail with the client. Colour selection will also take place on Contract Day, which involves the client selecting paint colours, cladding style, floor coverings, tiles, taps and fittings, finishes and surfaces for benchtops and cabinetry, window coverings etc. Once all documents have been read through and all plans finalised, the client will sign the contract and the Build Process can commence.

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