Passive House Blower Door Test Premier Homes

Sustainable House – Blower Door Test

Last week at our display village, we had a specialist come out to perform one of many tests on our new Passive House display, “Genesis”. The Blower Door Test is used to determine the volume of air that passes through a home.

Being safe and fast to perform, the Blower Door Test is a fantastic and simple way to assess how airtight a house is. This is especially significant in regards to homes with Passive House rating. Airtightness is one of the 5 Passive House key principles. Ensuring there are minimal gaps in the building envelope will assist in better air quality (via the HRV filtration system), as well as assisting in maintaining a stable and consistent internal temperature and eliminating drafts.

Our Passive House achieved an impressive 0.19ACH@50Pa for our Blower Door Test, which is well above the minimum requirement for all Passive Houses, which is set at 0.6ACH@50Pa. We are immensely proud of this achievement, and of our highly skilled team.