Sleep Outs, The Solution to Household Overcrowding

In recent years it has become common for young adults to be unable to afford a home of their own, forcing them to stay with family or friends and creating a need for extra space in the home.

This need has seen traditional transportable units, like Granny Flats, modified into Sleep Outs. Sleep Outs or bungalows are units that are constructed on the same block as the primary dwelling. Granny Flats can be modified into Sleep Outs with minimal effort due to the versatility of transportable units and the similarities between the two structures.

Sleep Outs can serve as a space to house young adults while they save up for their first house deposit. They can be built close enough to have convenient access to the main home but far enough away to be a separate building, giving the occupants an added layer of privacy and their own space. Sleep Outs can give young adults a sense of independence while also providing much-needed practice looking after their own home.

Sleep Outs are easy to maintain and specifically made to fit in any backyard. When extra space is no longer needed Sleep Outs can be repurposed into a hobby room, games room, home office, art studio, a music space or just a spare room for when friends and family visit. The occupants can design and customize it with a wide variety of design choices, including size, style, and the materials used in construction. Their sleep out home can become their own.

Sleep out units can come in several variants with options for single rooms, doubles or an added ensuite. They are a Studio style living space that can come with living areas, bedrooms, and bathrooms. They can be made to any size to suit various needs and available budgets. The structures are also durable and weather resistant. They come fully insulated and keep the occupants warm in winter and cool in summer.

Sleep Outs are a building that allows young adults to still live near the primary home for much-needed support, while also gaining a form of independence and privacy.

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Sleep Outs, the solution to household overcrowding