Detached Extension

Nurturing Independence

Detached Extension

For those of us who have teenaged children, who are fast approaching adulthood, living in close quarters, all under the one roof, can become challenging.

It is easy to remember that precarious age that had us balancing on the cusp of independence, but usually without the means to fully achieve it. It can be a frustrating time for the whole family.

Sometimes, the addition of a detached extension can be the answer to this all too common family struggle. Here we have a family that understands the value of providing that space and the opportunity to nurture and grow that budding independence. Having your teenaged kids learn how to be independent, while still having the security of the family home close by, is a privilege and an ideal way to make that transition from dependent childhood through to fully fledged adulthood. We all want our children to grow up to be well-adjusted, capable adults, so we can appreciate the value and convenience of adding a detached extension to our home.

As the leading specialists in the industry, Premier Homes has had ample experience in working with families to ensure the continued strength of family ties through the addition of a Detached Extension or Granny Flat. We understand the importance of creating the right accommodation to suit the individual needs of the families we work with. We can create custom designs and work with specialised circumstances, such as a sloping block, difficult boundary angles and restricted site access. Our aim is to always produce the best results and meet the expectations of our clients.

Detached Extension

This Forest Hill Detached Extension is a perfect example of Premier Homes’ ability to custom build. A tasteful and seamless blend of Woodgrove and Wattle Ridge features, this new detached extension is perfectly suited to its’ purpose.

With a beautifully tasteful façade, this design features a gabled porch and sweeping staircase to the front entrance. The rich, royal blue colour choice for the gutters and trims gives the overall feeling of refined sophistication, which will only add to the value of this property.

Detached Extension Forest Hill

Being a detached extension, this design omits the kitchen, but makes up for it with a spacious living area for the young occupants to share. The client opted to install the floor coverings in the living area themselves, which is yet another option we offer when designing your build with us.

Detached Extension Melbourne

The decorative balustrade by the front door helps to break up the space and create an entryway that feels separate to the living area, while still maintaining the open-plan lay-out. The split system unit will ensure year round comfort at the click of a button.

The bay window has a window seat with a built in storage space and will be a nice place to sit and study, or quietly contemplate the quaint garden space framed by the large, beautiful window.

Detached Extension Victoria

Each of the two bedrooms have a walk-in-robe and durable, easy to clean vinyl sheet flooring, both within convenient distance to the shared bathroom. The bathroom itself has our signature fiberglass shell shower. This shower is spacious and with no grout, will be a dream to clean. A separate “water closet” for the toilet means that there won’t be arguments about having to share the bathroom.

Another great feature of this detached extension is the addition of a large study. A perfect space for young minds to work on their final years of tertiary education and beyond to further studies.

Premier Homes Detached Extensions

The cleverly situated verandah and deck spans about half the length down the side of the building. With sliding door access, a charming white balustrade and privacy from the main dwelling, this area is sure to be a hit for socializing and relaxing.

Looking at the quality of the design, at all of the beautiful features and the high quality execution, it is clear to see that building a detached extension is a smart investment for your property. When you build with Premier Homes, you are not getting a pre-fab bungalow of mediocre quality and tacky design. You are getting a proper, tailor made and quality built addition to your home.

If you are looking for a solution to the ever-increasing strain of raising teens in a too-small home, then it is definitely worthwhile to check out detached extensions as an option. Have your kids close by while they make that all important transition into adulthood. Give yourself the gift of peace of mind, a peaceful house-hold and a valuable addition to your property, while giving them the gift of safety, security, independence and that all important room to grow.