Transforming Your Granny Flat

Man Cave vs Nan Cave: A Guide to Transforming Your Granny Flat

The man cave can be seen as the ideal place of retreat for a man, everything he could want in one
place. But have you ever thought about the idea of a Nan cave?

A Nan cave is exactly what it sounds like, the cosy equivalent of a man cave made especially for comfort and relaxation and a females point of view. Keep reading to find out how your granny flat can become the ultimate nan cave with this man cave vs nan cave guide.

Like a man cave, a Nan cave needs to be comfortable.  Good quality lounge and dining settings are a
must, a comfy lounge setting is the key to a cosy retreat. No one wants to be confined to an
uncomfortable couch or chair. Create extra comfort with soft cushions and a lightweight throw.

A quality dining setting is important when it comes to completing a Nan cave as meals aren’t just necessary, they’re comforting too. However, finding something sturdy, stylish and compact can be
difficult. Antique stores or even op-shops can surprise you with something that not only fits the size
of your Granny Flat but could be refurbished to suit the style of your Nan cave.

The kitchen doesn’t have to be solely practical and functional. Dress it up with shelves to
display cook books and spices. Not only does this look creative and fun but might even inspire culinary genius! Adding little touches can turn your Nan cave into a cosy creative space instead of just a bland kitchen.

For the ultimate place of retreat, natural light is so important. Keeping windows free of objects allows more gorgeous sunlight to fill the room, creating a relaxed mood. Sheer curtains also look great on sunny days.

Finally, a Nan cave is all about tailoring your Granny Flat to what you want. Make furnishings personal and feminine.  Light candles with scents you adore and if you love art, cover the walls in your favourite prints. The possibilities are endless, your place of retreat should make you feel nothing but joy whilst being personalised to your needs.

This man cave vs Nan cave guide is just the beginning. Your space can be transformed however You would like and function exactly as you want it to. Take your Granny Flat up a level, with everything you need in one place and tailored to suit your needs.