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Granny Flat Lounge Room Space Saving Tips

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Granny Flat Lounge Room Space Saving Tips

The central living area of your granny flat should be your haven – so we’ve got some granny flat lounge room space saving tips to make sure you can relax in style.

Granny flats might be smaller than a standard home, but with these granny flat lounge room space saving tips, you can maximise space and keep your favourite things at the same time!

Granny flats have all of the features of a home in a compact space, and many extras can be added to make the most of the available room. With a myriad of different designs and choices, granny flat builders such as Premier Homes and Granny Flats can offer customisation of designs and storage, allowing owners to create the home they want.

There are some great granny flat lounge room space saving tips – from simple shelving to clever integrated storage.

Mounting the television to the wall, along with all of your other entertainment devices, is still one of the top ways to save space. Keeping all entertainment devices to one area will save space and make it easier to access them as well. There are also several solutions when it comes to hiding power leads and making sure they are out of the way.

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You can use your furniture to maximise space too. The best granny flat lounge room space saving tips include using smaller lounge suites and more compact furniture with integrated storage. Bench seats with built-in storage are perfect for blankets, magazines or any other items you would like to access on cosy nights in. Extendable tables can also be a wonderful way to make the most of a small room.

With a few granny flat lounge room space-saving tips, your home can feel much more spacious.

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