Why Granny Flats Are a Good Choice

Premier Homes and Granny Flats – Homes with Granny Flats

You may have heard the jingle on the radio, “Keeping Families Together,” that’s what Premier Homes and Granny Flats pride ourselves on when creating Family Homes with Granny Flats.


Instead of moving to a retirement village, think about the fantastic benefits that you can get when building a Granny Flat as a retirement option.


Creating Family Homes with Granny Flats

homes with granny flats
A Granny Flat for Every Space

Every Premier Homes Granny Flat is specially tailored to your block of land. Whether the land available in the backyard is an unordinary space, or is on a sloping block– Premier can assist in creating a solution to suit the parcel of land that also meets your individual requirements.

homes with granny flats
Range of colours and choices to match the existing home

At Premier Homes and Granny Flats, we have a vast range of colours and exterior features to choose from. Meaning you can match the look and aesthetics of the existing home to keep the whole property looking great!

Of course if you want to give your Granny Flat your own personal touch, we can do that too!


homes with granny flats

Building a Granny Flat for your parent/s in your existing backyard space is a wonderful way to have your parents close by. The Grandkids can pop over to visit after school and the Grandparents are never too far away to have the whole family sit down for a Sunday lunch.

Grandparents can also assist with child care and keeping family connections with the grandchildren, which are ever so important in this fast moving world.

homes with granny flats

A Premier Homes Granny Flat ensures that you keep your independence and yet still being close to the ones you love. You will be able to maintain the lifestyle you love, in the privacy and comfort of your Granny Flat.

As we love to say, Premier Homes are Keeping Families Together.

Premier Homes & Granny Flats – Creating Family Homes with Granny Flats

Interested in building a Granny Flat with Premier Homes & Granny Flats? Bring your plans and ideas along to our Display Village and talk to one of our friendly sales consultants.

We have 10 Homes & Granny Flats on Display, so you can get inspiration and ideas on how you would like to see your own Home or Granny Flat to be built.


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“Keeping Families Together”