Detached Extension Surrey Hills

High Quality Teen Retreat in Surrey Hills

A Detached Extension, also known as a Sleep-out, bungalow or studio, can be a great way to accommodate a growing family. As children become teenagers, the family home can start to feel a little over-crowded. Investing in a Detached Extension is a smart, versatile solution for families who are feeling the strain of all living under the one roof.

It is widely agreed that the cost of living is continuously rising, making it particularly difficult for our younger generation to achieve home ownership. Even renting has become an increasingly expensive option for many people. The common outcome of these factors is that our young adults are staying in the family home for longer.

Building a Detached Extension can provide the perfect solution for families that find themselves in need of more space for their teenaged family members. It offers a space that is separate from the main home and provides teens with a safe, private space to live in; making them perfect for university students and young adults who are beginning to strive for independence.

When evaluating the pros and cons of building a Detached Extension, it may be helpful to compare it to the alternative of extending your existing home.

When looking at the process and requirements involved with the two options, a Detached Extension can actually prove to be the more cost effective and straight forward choice. As it is built separate from the primary dwelling and essentially functions as a small house (minus the kitchen and laundry facilities), building a Detached Extension will usually involve less work and less disturbance to the family home.

It is also important to note some of the potential pit-falls and hidden costs involved with extending an existing building. Just consider the inconvenience that extending presents; spending months with walls knocked down, building dust and a part of your home unusable. Then there is the matter of bringing your home up to the new building standards and regulations; a requirement for any home undergoing renovations or extensions. Achieving this could leave you out of pocket and over budget by thousands.

Another benefit to building a Detached Extension is that once your kids have moved out of home, you can easily transform your Detached Extension into a home office, art studio, guest accommodation and a myriad of other possibilities.

Premier Homes and Granny Flats has had decades of experience in building homes, Granny Flats and Detached Extensions. We understand how important it is to be able to design your new dwelling in a way that suits your needs, which is why we offer the ability to customise your floor plans when you build with us.

Our most recent Detached Extension project took place in Surrey Hills and really showcases the high quality design and execution we apply to all of our work. This particular family was looking to build a Detached Extension to accommodate their two teenaged sons. Featuring two spacious bedrooms, large bathroom with a separate water closet, huge rumpus room and a study, this family has created a space that is both functional and stylish.

We are proud to continue providing Victorian families with innovative housing solutions that suit their lifestyle and offer a range of important, practical features that give these families the tools they need to maintain a happy and cohesive family unit. After all, keeping families together is what we are all about.

Take a look through the Surrey Hills Detached Extension and see for yourself the high quality housing solutions that Premier Homes continue to provide their customers.