Granny Flat Plans

Granny Flat Plans for Modern Families

Have you ever wondered about the variety of granny flat plans available?

Granny flats are an inexpensive way to help keep loved ones close by, they are fully contained self-sufficient Homes that are perfect for your Dependent family member or friend. There are so many different granny flat plans on offer; this ensures you always find exactly what you’re looking for in your new home.

With functional and design-focussed granny flat plans, these are becoming increasingly popular amongst not just the elderly generation – but also with younger children as they transition into teenagers, close extended family and business owners looking for a home office solution.  Our friendly staff will be able to discuss the regulations with you to see if you qualify.

Granny Flat Plans

Available in varying sizes, bedrooms and with a long list of luxuries and amenities, granny flats have dramatically evolved.  These homes can be customised to suit whatever your needs may be.

Choosing a design will vary depending on the configuration of the existing block of land and your requirements.

The key is in the planning to ensure you make the best choice for your family and circumstances. Granny flat plans are extremely varied and utilizing an expert is extremely smart when it comes to even the earliest stages of planning.  They can give you advice on regulations, steer you with their vast experience and make recommendations based on what you have told them you require.

At Premier Homes and Granny Flats we have a team of friendly and professional experts that are highly experienced in helping people make the best decisions, even in the early stages of planning.

Contact Premier Homes and Granny Flats today, or take a look at our granny flat plans at our Display Village in Bayswater North.  We’ll be sure to find the perfect property solution for your family!