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Granny Flat Heating Options

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Granny flats have become increasingly prominent over the last few years as a favourite and straightforward option for homeowners who are looking to maximise available space on their property, providing a quality home for loved ones. As we are well into winter now, sufficient granny flat heating options are vital.

These stylish units can serve a wide variety of uses; a Detached Extensions can become a home office or hobby room, or an extra space for friends and family to sleep over. With the onset of the bitterly cold winter, granny flat heating options need to be considered to keep the building warm and comfortable for the occupants.

If you are still in the planning stages of constructing a granny flat, then extra insulation in the floors, walls, and ceilings can be added to help keep your building warm. If already built, then there are a few other ways to heat up the building.

Granny flat heating options, you can install a Split System; these are great as they will heat your home in winter and then cool it in summer. Split Systems are very energy efficient, so you will also save on your energy bills.

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Granny flat heating options – If you would like more of a heating feature – electric fireplaces are convenient and can heat instantly, creating warmth in the lounge room space at the flick of a switch. Another option is a gas fireplace which can create instant heat while keeping the look and feel of a wood fireplace but without the added hassle of having to cut and light the wood.

If you’d prefer something more simplistic and less grand, then ducted heating can be an excellent choice when looking for granny flat heating options. You can have central heating throughout the house at a click of the button.

For the environmentally conscious homeowners, natural gas systems or solar hot water systems are cheaper than electricity and can heat anytime; most have an energy efficient rating too. Finally, there are heat pump systems, which extract heat from the outside air and draw it into the water, though they are best suited to a warmer climate. All are considered the green options. As a last resort, and if all else fails, thick wool blankets will keep occupants warm through the harsh winters.

If you would like to know more about how a granny flat can enhance your life and provide valuable living space for family, contact Premier Homes and Granny Flats today.