Genius at Work – Backyard Music Studio Ideas!

Genius at Work – Backyard Music Studio Ideas!

Who doesn’t have an inner musical genius just waiting to be born? For most people it’s a lovely dream, but for those with talent and commitment, it’s important to have a space that feeds the creative soul! That’s where a backyard music studio comes into play.

There are many advantages to building a granny flat as a backyard music studio. So many that it’s hard to choose where to begin!


When you’re in the middle of creating something amazing at 3am, do you really want to leave your zone and hope that you don’t disturb your family as you attempt a quick toilet break? Of course not – with a granny flat converted to a music studio, you have the bathroom and toilet amenities at your fingertips and you don’t have to fear clanging around waking everyone up whilst looking for the light switch at the main house!

Sound-Proof, well-insulated, awesome acoustics!

When you build from the plan, you can include the extra sound-proofing and insulation you need and incorporate it into the building plans.  You can also choose a design and materials that will give you the perfect acoustics. Building it all into the design is more efficient and cosmetically appealing. No more muso-inspired carpet or egg cartons attached to the walls and your neighbours will no doubt be grateful!

Backyard Music Studio
Backyard Music Studio

Tailored to Your Needs

With a one-bedroom granny flat design, you can turn the bedroom into a recording booth, and chill out in the main living room while working on production.  Great for writers, producers and for teachers wanting to give their students practical and holistic music lessons.  No more temporary, bathroom-inspired recording booths!


Whether you’re working on a project with band members or co-writers, or have a steady stream of students or budding recording artists coming and going at all hours of the day and night, a separate backyard music studio is a family-friendly alternative to a dedicated space within your home.  A separate entrance is a must!

So whichever the musical style, talent or goals you have, a backyard music studio is a worthy consideration for any serious and dedicated musician. Premier Homes (Vic) Pty Ltd is more than happy to discuss your needs, and help you convert one of our granny flat designs into a brilliant music studio.


Contact us today and start making your musical dreams a reality!