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Building Independence in Today’s Teen with a Detached Extension in Victoria

Today’s teens are tomorrow’s adults – and with such busy lifestyles, many are missing out on some of life’s crucial lessons.  A Detached Extension in Victoria could be the ultimate solution!

We don’t need to tell you how much times have changed.  As life gets more hectic and living costs go up, the family unit and all its workings has shifted dramatically.  While teenagers split their time between school pressures, sport and social activity, parents are working longer hours and are outsourcing more of the daily household responsibilities.

The life lessons that children and teens learnt in generations past can get lost in the flurry of life.  Food preparation, cleaning, house maintenance and even finances were lessons taught in the home. Functional life training at its best!  And an art that seems to be getting lost.

Detached Extension in Victoria

But there is a way to help teenagers in the quest for independence, giving them valuable life lessons on an even greater scale than previous generations experienced. A backyard granny flat, converted to a detached extension, can create a microcosmic household in which young adults learn to manage some of life’s fundamental needs!

We can’t think of a greater gift of love that a parent can give today’s children – a healthy sense of respect and responsibility, an understanding of how a household works.   Combine that with a gratitude for everything that their parents have provided and the tools to take on the daily pressures of life.

And on top of all of that a safe, quiet space to discover themselves, build self-awareness and self-esteem, and develop personal management skills.  It can give them a private space to spend time with good friends, perhaps even encouraging them to put down the devices and have some real world social time!

They can even get involved and be part of the design process, putting a personal stamp on their new living space!

As they become adults, working shifts or going out with friends, a detached extension will reduce interruptions to your home – no doors closing or showers running at 2am.  As they enter the workforce, they can learn to manage their own budget with real dollars!

The benefits of building a detached extension in Victoria for your teenager are vast.  With all the time and money we pour into education, extracurricular activities and lifestyle expenses, the value of building fundamental life skills is immeasurable.

Detached Extension in Victoria

Premier Homes and Granny Flats is located in Melbourne and caters to the many and varied needs of Victoria’s home-owners.  With many floor plans, designs and options, we can help build the perfect teen retreat for fledgling grown-ups!

Contact us today, or visit our Display Village in person to discover how a Premier Granny Flat can build independence in tomorrow’s adults.