Demountable Granny Flats

Demountable Granny Flats for Convenient Living

Making the decision to purchase one of our demountable granny flats for your property is an intelligent one. They can help you keep a loved one close, provide a space for an ever-growing family, and when modified can even be fantastic for your home business. Some conditions do apply so you will need to check with our friendly building consultants.

Granny Flats are built obviously at your current residence. But what if for some reason you decide to move? You’d like to change areas or you upsize.

Our range of demountable granny flats answers this issue, with stylish, functional and fully-contained flats. By making the choice of purchasing one of these portable granny flats you are helping to future-proof your investment from some of the unforeseen circumstances which often seem to arise. In the event of moving house, these gorgeous flats can be relocated to your new location, allowing your new premises to fit your living situation even better.

With a large range of properties and options to choose from, these demountable granny flats allow you to design a flat with all the inclusions you could ever want or need. From extra bedrooms to spacious living areas, additional bathrooms and even a bar, you can choose what suits you.

And when the time rolls around to move, these moveable granny flats can be dismantled and relocated for a lot less than you would expect.

Regardless of your situation or individual circumstances and requirements, a demountable granny flat that can be customized to suit your family is the answer.

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