Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter Energy Saving Tips

Winter Energy Saving Tips

There’s nothing like coming home from a frosty day in winter to a warm cup of tea and a wooly blanket. This winter don’t sacrifice your warmth and comfort to lower your energy bill. Here are some winter energy saving tips to help you best the cool temperatures.


Installing double glazed windows is an easy, cost-effective way to save dollars on heating. They help reduce a building’s carbon footprint and can be significantly cheaper than running a heater on full blast. These windows reduce heat loss through conduction, as air sits in the space between two glass panels and is a poor conductor.


If your heater or thermostat has a temperature which you can set, keep it under 20℃. Every degree you heat higher than 20℃ will raise your power bill by 10%. Additionally, switch off electronics such as lamps, kettles and televisions at the wall when you can afford it.


Keep all doors and windows closed. In an age where open plan living is widely popularised, homes have large spaces, which take time and money to heat. If you close as many doors as you can, you will only heat the areas which matter. Further, purchase or make a draft stopper to place under doors. This will stop cool winds from invading your space and will allow your heater to be more effective, only heating the primary living space.


Dress in warmer clothing. Whilst this seems like an obvious tip, rugging up in wooly jumpers, pants, socks and blankets will provide you with much needed warmth, at no risk to the environment!


A hot shower in these chilly months is simply delightful. To keep enjoying this luxury, install a water efficient showerhead. Water use likely constitutes a large portion of your power bill, so this purchase will quickly pay for itself.


Preserving energy in winter does not mean you have to suffer. Use these handy winter energy saving tips to help you stay cosy, frugal and guilt free this winter. At Premier Homes, we are experts at building beautiful and efficient granny flats that keep these warming principles in mind.

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