Style Guide Color Series – BROWN Granny Flats Melbourne

BROWN Granny Flats Melbourne – Living rooms with browns and beiges tend to look very inviting, peaceful, comfortable and calming.

BROWN Granny Flats Melbourne – There is a vast array of fabulous and stylish combinations of browns and beiges which are sure to leave your friends and family impressed.

The use of brown and beige truly has a timeless and classic look. The amount of combinations provides limitless prospects for designing the interior in almost any style.

Brown is a neutral and natural colour, the use of very rich ranges of different shades add a feeling of stability to the interior.

If you are the kind of person who appreciates peace and comfort, rather than light and bright energetic tones within your home, then the brown pallet is the choice for you!

Beige and brown always work well together, follow these basic principles and you really cannot go wrong – opt for darker brown shades as an accent, using the darker brown as a backdrop, it will accentuate any lighter shades you have implemented.

A dark wooden coffee table, leather sofa and a beige shaggy rug would add a lot of charm to the room.

You can also use brown to separate colours. The combination of brown and beige shades can be combined with different shades of blue, mint green, purple and pastel colours.

Elegant and sophisticated choices of brown would include:

Cocoa – Strong colour to use as an accent colour.

Chocolate  – Yes we all love to eat chocolate! This shade is soothing when used in conjunction with beige.

Natural wood – Suits earthy tones.

Cinnamon – For a romantic look and feel implement cinnamon brown.

You can dress your brown themed home with furniture, such as a brown sofa – any brown sofa will give of a lavish appearance irrespective of the type of material. Depending on the size of your interior space, you can opt for a modular, sectional or corner sofa.

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