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Premier Granny Flats Romsey

Premier Granny Flats Romsey

Premier Homes and Granny Flats Romsey can sort out all the hassle when you’re looking to build your new granny flat home. We have a range of floor plans available and will even sort out the permits!

Take a look at a previous granny flat that Premier Homes and Granny Flats built for a happy family in our article – Romsey Granny Flat – Gone with the Granny Flat.

Premier Homes & Granny Flats Romsey
You’ve decided you want to build a granny flat, but need something a little different than what’s on the floor plan. This is where custom granny flats come in! There are some wonderful granny flat designs and plans out there, but everyone is unique. Perhaps you have particular needs for kitchen and bathroom access; or you might want a varied layout for your living and hobby spaces. Custom granny flats provide the perfect solution. We can ensure that your new granny flat has the accessibility and solutions that you need to make your granny flat a comfortable home.
Premier Homes & Granny Flat Builders Romsey
Premier Homes & Granny Flats Builder Romsey

We love keeping up with the current trends and styles – which is why when choosing your colour range from Premier Homes and Granny Flats, you have all the ranges from reputable suppliers. Whether your style is classic federation or bright and bold, we have a selection of colours, textures and coverings to suit your style!

People are often surprised at how clever some granny flat storage solutions can be.

Just because you are downsizing, doesn’t mean that you should live lean. Incorporating some ingenious granny flat storage solutions into your new home is definitely the way to go!

But where do you build this magical storage? When you are limited with space or the number of rooms, how do you integrate it so that you don’t lose the floor space? Well, you need a builder with proven experience in creating inventive granny flat storage solutions in homes. Read more in our article here – Granny Flat Storage Solutions


Premier Granny Flats Romsey


If you or someone you love is downsizing their home or looking to create a luxury backyard home, contact Premier Homes and Granny Flats for more information, or pay us a visit at our display village located at 110 Canterbury Road, Bayswater North.

Premier Granny Flats Romsey

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