Premier Granny Flats Flowerdale

Premier Granny Flats Flowerdale

Premier Homes and Granny Flats have all your Granny Flats needs covered. Modern and stylish homes with all the mod cons you’d expect from a quality builder. Come and talk to Premier Homes, Granny Flats Flowerdale, for your new granny flat home.

Take a look at our range of 1 and 2 bedroom Granny Flats house designs and get inspired to get into own granny flat home with Premier.


Premier Homes & Granny Flats Flowerdale

Have you ever wondered about the variety of granny flat plans available?

Granny flats are an inexpensive way to help keep loved ones close by, they are fully contained self-sufficient Homes that are perfect for your Dependent family member or friend. There are so many different granny flat plans on offer; this ensures you always find exactly what you’re looking for in your new home.

With functional and design-focussed granny flat plans, these are becoming increasingly popular amongst not just the elderly generation – but also with younger children as they transition into teenagers, close extended family and business owners looking for a home office solution.  Our friendly staff will be able to discuss the regulations with you to see if you qualify.

Granny Flats Flowerdale
Granny Flat Builders Flowerdale

Premier Homes offers a range of stylish, modern and luxurious Granny Flats to suit what ever stage of life you’re in.

Building with Premier Granny flats is easy!


Premier Granny Flats Flowerdale


Come and visit us today at 110 Canterbury Road, Bayswater North and take a tour through our display village, where you can discover for yourself all the things that Premier Homes and Granny Flats has to offer.

Premier Granny Flats Flowerdale

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