Premier Advantage

The Premier Advantage

To complement our standard on site building options, we offer the finest in removable granny flats in Melbourne and wider Victoria.

Standard Site Building

Whatever style of building, whatever the access problems, wherever its location, Premier can construct the ideal building for your site, choosing from their range of diverse building types.

Demountable Structures

The demountable type of construction makes it possible to build on virtually any site. The demountable construction is used mainly for dependent persons housing (granny flats – relocatable) where access to the building site is restricted and regulations require that the building is removable and reusable. When you buy dependent persons homes, the building can be used and if at a later date you want to move it, it can be dismantled, relocated and re-assembled onto new foundations and used again. This type of demountable structure, however, can be utilised for any building of any size, particularly those projects where prefabrication and quick assembly times are desirable, or for sites with limited access. Buying dependent persons units is usually the much more affordable option for this type of residence.

Moveable homes and building modules

Transportable dependent persons units can be built on either timber or steel sub-floors. If a crane is required for placement on site, or it is known that the building will be relocated in the future, then Premier recommend a steel sub-floor. For all other transportable & demountable homes, the very strong timber bearer and joist system is ideal.

The one great advantage of using transportable construction is that all modules are built at the Premier factory and transported out in sections. Therefore, actual time on site, depending on building size, is usually only 1 to 3 days, virtually eliminating noise and mess on site.

Design Team

Premier has its own in-house design and drafting team making it possible for clients to have standard plans modified or to incorporate their own ideas into custom designs. Turn-around time on drawings is greatly reduced with the team completing plan changes without delay allowing finalised plans to be available for approval within a matter of days. This is ideal for making changes to the interior or exterior of demountable & transportable granny flats, as well as custom additions to any of the standard Premier Homes designs.

Colour co-ordination and all other aspects of design and décor are also within the scope of the highly trained team.

Special Requirements

For clients with special needs who are seeking to purchase a dependent persons unit, Premier has great experience in advising on such things as one-piece moulded drive-in showers (for wheelchair access), special taps for arthritis sufferers, special grab rails and remote control or voice activation of virtually any of today’s electronic equipment. With all dependent persons units for sale, It is also possible to have remote control or voice activation of door systems, lights and curtains, etc.

Cabinet Shop

Premier has its own Cabinet Shop. Quality control is therefore easy to monitor and ensures the best result every time. Build times are also improved by not having to rely on outside contractors. The Premier Advantage is that if clients require something unique or exclusive to put the final touches to a project, Premier can do it.


All project supplies are held at the Premier factory until required and then delivered to site by Premier trucks. This control over deliveries ensures care of handling, better co-ordination of materials and labour and smoother operation in general.