granny flats

Jo is our Project Coordinator here at Premier Homes and Granny Flats. It is her job to order all of the required materials for each build, liaise with clients, tradies and suppliers, as well as look after our clients throughout the building process. This involves answering questions and addressing any questions our clients may have about the progress of their granny flat during the construction stage, as well as any post-build enquiries they may have.

Jo says her favourite part of the job is receiving happy feedback from our clients at the end of the build. She finds it very rewarding to know that she has helped people build a much simpler, convenient way of life. Jo also really enjoys the satisfaction of completing a build before the target completion date, and really, who doesn’t enjoy being ahead of schedule?

When asked if there was any final words of advice or additional comments she would like to add, Jo said the following: “I have noticed that a lot of clients will start out nervous, not sure what to expect, and by the end they are very happy and I will usually get comments like “we wish we’d done it sooner”. Having a granny flat built is a big process, but I think it can be a good financial decision, and I’m always happy to help my clients with any questions or concerns they may have along the way.”

Having people like Jo on the Premier Team is really important to us as a company. We know that great communication and excellent customer support is paramount to running a successful business, but it also integral to the core beliefs and values of our company: “Keeping families together”.