French Country Style

Interior Design For Your Granny Flat-Volume XII: French Country Style

Do you love France? Do you love the country? Do you want to incorporate both of these elements? Do you want the interior design of your granny flat to be a great combination of rustic and chic? Then the French country style is the right type of interior design for your granny flat.

While the origins of the French country style date back to the 17th century, it is easily adaptable to modern granny flats. The French country style aims to be rustic and chic, as well as embrace the traits associated with rural France.

While the French country style interior design can easily adapt to modern granny flats, if you are designing and decorating your granny flat to fit this style, there are specific features to incorporate. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Toile print
  • Curves and frills
  • Distressed furnishings
  • Warm colours
  • Whimsical accessories


Toile print:

Toile print is one of the key elements of French country style interior design. Toile print originated in the 18th century and consists of a design with an off-white background and a repeated pattern, generally of a complex pastoral-themed scene, in a contrasting colour. These days, toile print can be found on upholstery, wallpaper and even bedspreads.

Curves and frills:

Curves and frills are another key element of French country style interior design, with the added advantage of being applicable in multiple ways. For example, curves can be incorporated through archways and chairs, while frills can be added through wallpaper and fabrics.

Distressed furnishings:

Distressed furnishing is the perfect way to capture the rustic look of the French country style. Whether the distressed furnishings are antiques or new, but with sandpaper taken to them, they will provide a vibe and look of being loved and well-used.

Warm colours:

In terms of colour, warm colours are the signature palette for the French country style. “Warm” colours include but are not limited to: sage, lavender, yellow, blue, pink and brick red.

Whimsical accessories:

The French country style is also known for its whimsical accessories, which add character. Whimsical accessories can include flowers and rooster decor. While flowers might not seem so whimsical, they can be depending on the flowers and the arrangements chosen. Popular flowers in the French countryside include sunflowers, irises and poppies and should be the ones to go with.

Rooster decor is necessary to this style due to the presence of farm wildlife in rural France where the style originated. The key with incorporating rooster decor into the French country style designed granny flat is to exercise restraint as too much of this decor can evoke more of a farm than France vibe.


So there you have it, now you know the key features to include when designing and decorating your granny flat to be French, rustic and chic. If the French country style isn’t for you, then stay tuned for the next blog post on traditional style interior design for your granny flat.

French Country Style