Interior Design For Your Granny Flat-Volume X: Rustic Style

Do you prefer the interior design of your granny flat to have a raw, natural look? Do you prefer a country over a city ambience? Then the rustic style is the right type of interior design for your granny flat.

The rustic style is known for its raw, organic and natural elements, as well as its simple colour scheme. While creating a simple colour scheme and raw, organic and natural elements may seem simple, if you are going for the rustic style, there are still specific features you need to incorporate. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Wood and stone
  • Natural fabrics
  • Warm, earthy colours
  • Modern features
Rustic Style

Wood and stone:

Wood and stone are one of the most important and unique features of a rustic style granny flat. The rustic style is all about bringing nature inside. Wood and stone can be incorporated through stone walls, exposed beams, a stone fireplace, and wide wood planks.

Natural fabrics:

To further emphasise the natural theme, the furniture, linens and rugs in a rustic style granny flat should be kept simple—neutral and without prints. The ideal choices for simple and natural fabrics that fit the criteria and suit the rustic style are wool, burlap and canvas.

Warm, earthy colours:

To match the raw and natural scheme of the rustic style, the colours to match should be warm and earthy. Ideal warm and earthy colour options include: blue, green, sage, yellow, maroon and dark brown. These colours can easily be incorporated into a rustic style granny flat through paint, furniture and rugs.

Modern features:

While the rustic style is all about keeping things raw and natural that doesn’t mean that the modern is thrown out the window. For this style, modern furniture can include mid-century pieces, unadorned leather and wood. Other modern features that suit the rustic style include an open floor plan, sliding doors, feature walls, coffee tables, and large windows to allow natural light to come in.


So there you have it, now you know the key features to include when designing and decorating your granny flat to be a raw, natural and comfy home. If the rustic style isn’t for you, then stay tuned for the next blog post on coastal style interior design for your granny flat.