hollywood glam style

Hollywood Glam Style

Hollywood Glam Style


Are you all about glitz and glamour? Do you prefer your granny flat to feel like a luxurious home for your dependent Person? Then the Hollywood Glam style is the right type of interior design for your granny flat.

The Hollywood Glam style of interior design dates back to the 1920s and 1930s, which was the golden era in Hollywood, hence the focus on luxury, indulgence and glamour. To replicate the luxurious, glitzy, glamorous and indulgent Hollywood Glam style of interior design for your granny flat, there are specific features that need to be incorporated. These features include but are not limited to:

· Velvet· Dramatic accessories

· Bold colours

· Black accents


 In regards to glamorous textures, you can’t go past velvet. Velvet can be made in almost any colour and is adaptable—velvet furniture and velvet drapes can evoke a glamorous vibe to any Hollywood Glam style granny flat.

Dramatic accessories:

As well as glitz, glamour, indulgence and luxury, another adjective is associated with the Hollywood Glam style of interior design—drama. The best way to incorporate drama into your Hollywood Glam style granny flat is through dramatic accessories. Dramatic accessories can include giant hanging chandeliers, large rugs, bronzed knick-knacks and ornate furniture.

Bold colours:

While bold colours can work with almost any type of interior design; royal blues, emerald greens, polished golds and bright reds are associated with Hollywood Glam style interior design and work best when they are incorporated sparingly.

Black accents:

While incorporating bold colours as mentioned in the above paragraph, it doesn’t mean that a touch of monochrome can’t be fused into a Hollywood Glam style granny flat. Black accents can be incorporated through furniture, taps, knick-knacks or lighting to break up any predominantly white spaces or to add depth to the colour scheme of a granny flat.

So there you have it, now you know some of the key features to include when designing and decorating your granny flat to be a luxurious and indulgent home for your Dependent Person. If the Hollywood Glam style isn’t for you, then stay tuned for the next blog post on Tuscan style interior design for your granny flat.

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