Greenvale Granny Flat

Greenvale Granny Flat – a Modern Australian Twist!

This recent Greenvale Granny Flat shows that you can make a statement.

It’s bold sunburnt red roof, accompanied with a warm beige, reflects a true Australian summer look whilst remaining modern.

The exterior of this Greenvale Granny Flat is truly one with nature, as it suits its location and still looks contemporary. A great exterior is important, as it offers the first impression. It is also important to have a Granny Flat looking polished, for example, if it is added to an existing lot as an external space. Colour coordination with the main home is a must.

In this Greenvale Granny Flat, the colours are reminiscent of a warm Australian day, with a rich colour palette. It matches the existing building beside it, whilst maintaining its individuality.

It’s beautiful wide windows offers a great view and opens out the space internally. Plus, the added verandah in front offers protection from sunny, hot days so your view can be taken in and enjoyed.

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Even with a classic Australian look, this Granny Flat is nothing short of fresh and up-to-date. The modern panelling, roof gutter system and built-in air-conditioning offers all the features of a modern home. The panelling, whilst looking new and unique, also protects the home and regulates temperatures. A lovely two in one! The classic gutter system keeps the flat from becoming completely drenched in a storm and pipes the water off the roof. Finally, the air-conditioning is a perfect way to keep your flat cool and refreshed throughout the summer.

Even for a Granny Flat, there is always space for the luxuries of a modern home. Be it a spacious kitchen, air-conditioning or a room with a view – you can live small yet in style.

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As this Greenvale Granny Flat shows, no matter what the style choice, a Granny Flat can still have a modern twist!

If you’re looking for a granny flat to tick all these boxes, contact Premier Homes today!