Granny Flat Styles—Volume VIII: Mediterranean Style

Are you looking to transform your granny flat into a getaway or relaxing oasis in your backyard? Then the Mediterranean style granny flat is the right style for you.

If you are considering transforming your granny flat into a Mediterranean style getaway or relaxing oasis, there are many features to consider making it as authentic as possible. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Stucco exterior walls
  • Arched windows and doorways
  • Open floor plans
Mediterranean Style

Stucco exterior features:

Another staple of the Mediterranean style granny flat would be stucco exterior features. Usually these features are painted in colours to complement its surroundings, however they also serve a practical purpose as the stucco can protect the granny flat from rain, sunlight and heat which will keep the granny flat cool in the warmer months.

Arched windows and doorways:

Much like the stucco exterior features, arched windows and doorways serve both an aesthetic and practical purpose for the Mediterranean style granny flat. In regards to an aesthetic purpose, arched windows and doorways can bring life to dull spaces or walls and are different to the usual square-like doorways or window frames. In regards to the practical purpose, structurally, arches are a supporting element that enables building of a lighter weight, sturdier walls than usual, and span a gap.

Open floor plans:

While open floor plans would be beneficial for almost any type of granny flat, with the Mediterranean style open floor plans generally focus on providing optimal views, enabling cool breezes to come through the entire home, and providing an overall relaxed and laid-back vibe.

So there you have it, now you know the key features to include when transforming your granny flat into a Mediterranean style. When the occupiers hear of your Mediterranean style granny flat, they won’t want to leave.