Granny Flat Styles—Volume VII: Federation Style

Do you like vintage or old fashioned homes? Are you looking for something different to the usual modern look for your granny flat? Then the Federation style granny flat is the right style for you.

Whether you are rebuilding or redecorating your granny flat to fit the Federation style, there are many features to consider, however there are some distinctive features that make the Federation style. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Decorative leadlight windows
  • Verandahs with timber columns
  • Dominant roof lines
  • Picket fences


Decorative leadlight windows:

Decorative leadlight windows consist of small sections of glass supported in lead cames or divider bars. Leadlight windows can be used in bay windows, front entrances, internal doors, cabinets, even as a skylight.

Decorative leadlight windows can add a historical aesthetic to a Federation style granny flat, however they can also bring in natural light and colour into a granny flat that can’t be achieved with a standard window style.

Verandahs with timber columns:

Both intricate timberwork and verandahs are regarded as crucial features in a Federation style home, so it stands to reason that the combination of verandahs with timber columns would also be a crucial feature to include.

Federation style verandahs were used both as the entrance to welcome visitors, as well as a living area or room for guests or residents. Federation style verandahs tend to be present not only at the front of the house or granny flat, but also at one of the sides, in an “L” shape. In regards to the timber columns, they are known for their artistic detail due to the popularity of Art Nouveau at the time.

Dominant roof line:

While some granny flat styles have one type of roof line or a roof line with specific features, the Federation style home or granny flat roof line has multiple dominant features. These features include gables, eaves, chimneys, hips, frilled ridges and motifs.


Picket fences:

Low picket fences were a staple of Federation style homes and they still reap benefits today as they are usually made of durable and easily available materials, provide privacy and security, as well as add value to a home or granny flat as they are aesthetically pleasing.

So there you have it, if you are looking to rebuild or renovate your granny flat to fit the Federation style, now you know what features to include. However if the Federation style isn’t for you, then stay tuned for the next blog post on Mediterranean style granny flats.

Granny Flat Styles—Volume VII: Federation Style