Granny Flat Cottages

Our cottage style granny flats are integral part of the overall Premier Granny Flats range.

With functional, utilitarian layouts and exterior architecture elements influenced by old-fashioned cottages and bungalows, our more classic designs are ideal for a relaxed and comfortable lifestyle with a hint of vintage charm. Cottage granny flats are not just for older residents wishing to stay closer to their families whilst maintaining independence; they’re an active style choice for singles, couples and families interested in low maintenance living without compromising on amenities.

If you’re considering a cottage for your vacant land in Melbourne, or as an addition in the grounds behind an existing property, then we invite you to explore the Premier Granny Flats range. Each has a compact, cosy, cottage-like feel with its own unique features. In particular, the Wattle Ridge and the Yarra Cottage have a distinctive country homestead feel, yet with versatile and open indoor spaces that make the most of a limited area.

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