Boho Style

Granny Flat Styles—Volume IX: Boho Style

Have you just bought a home with a granny flat or built a granny flat on your property? Are you looking to transform it into a stylish, unconventional, artistic heaven from the moment that you walk through the door? Then Boho style interior design is the way to go for your granny flat.

When you are contemplating the interior design of your Boho style granny flat, there are many elements to consider, however there are some key staples that define the Boho style. These key staples are:

· Vintage furniture

· Rugs and tapestries

· Accessories

· Diverse colour palette



Granny Flat Style

Vintage furniture:

A key staple of Boho style interior design is “vintage” or second hand furniture with a touch of the “new”, with new fabric covering the furniture or slightly altered with a new pillow or blanket. Boho style furniture is also known for its texture, and to perfect the look can be mismatched with other furniture, however whether mismatching works for your granny flat is really up to you.

Rugs and tapestries:

Another key staple of the Boho style are rugs and tapestries. The benefit of rugs and tapestries with this specific style is that they are not limited to decorating the floor, they can also be used to decorate the walls. Layering rugs and tapestries are especially Bohemian and are a great way of adding texture and colours to a granny flat.


While the term “accessories” is vague, when it comes to Boho style granny flats “accessories” are generally ornate and travel related. Accessories that would make your granny flat obviously Boho style designed include boxes, maps, and bottles. Usually the accessories are there to tell a story of the people who live in the granny flat and the travels they’ve been on.

Diverse colour palette:

While some people have a preference for neutral colours in their granny flats, when it comes to the Boho style, the more colour the better. Colours associated with the Boho style include but are not limited to: electric or cobalt blue, fiery orange, red, yellow, gold, brown and terra cotta.

So there you have it, now you know the key features to include when transforming your granny flat into a stylish, unconventional, artistic Boho style heaven. If the Boho style isn’t for you then stayed tuned for the next blog post on Scandinavian style interior design for your granny flat.