Industrial Style

Interior Design For Your Granny Flat-Volume V: Industrial Style

Do you love the look of old warehouses and factories? Are you unafraid of having building or structural elements exposed in your granny flat? Then the industrial style is the right type of interior design for your granny flat.

Industrial style interior design is known for displaying the building or structural elements that are usually hidden, as well as its minimalist tendencies. Despite this when designing and decorating your granny flat in this style, there are still many unique features to consider. These features include but are not limited to:

  • Mixture of wood and metal
  • Exposed pipes and ductwork
  • Neutral colours


Mixture of wood and metal:

A key staple of industrial style interior design is the mixture of wood and metal. These two contrasting elements are cost effective, easy to find, and provide endless creative and practical opportunities. These contrasting elements can be incorporated both separately through metal door handles and wooden floors, and together by choosing wooden furniture with metal legs.

Exposed pipes and ductwork:

Another key staple of industrial style interior design is exposing the elements of a home that are usually hidden, such as pipes and ductwork. This is due to the fact that the industrial style originated from warehouses and industrial buildings being converted into homes. While this conversion is obviously less likely to happen with granny flats, exposed pipes and ductwork can be easily achieved with the right installer, and can be a money saver as you’re not spending valuable money to cover these elements up.

Neutral colours:

Neutral is the signature colour palette for the industrial style, especially greys as it is another way to achieve the metallic look. Neutral colours, if you pick the right shades, can also add warmth and contrast to the exposed pipes and ductwork.

So there you have it, now you know the key features to include when designing and decorating your granny flat to look just like a unique industrial style home or guest house. If the industrial style isn’t for you, then stay tuned for the next blog post on transitional style interior design for your granny flat.